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Trump Cancels Davos Trip Over Democrats' 'Intransigence'

10 January 2019

President Donald Trump on Thursday canceled his upcoming trip to the annual worldwide conference at Davos, blaming the ongoing row in Washington over building wall on the border with Mexico.

US President Donald Trump speaks to reporters after he addressed a closed Senate Republican policy lunch as a partial government shutdown enters its 19th day on Capitol Hill in Washington, US.

President Trump on the partial government shutdown and efforts to reach a compromise on border wall funding.

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US President Donald Trump in a statement on Thursday said he is cancelling his trip to the economic summit in Davos because the Democrats are being recalcitrant over border security.

"I meant to go and speak in front of the global community in Davos". I won't go, ' he said then.

The partial United States government shutdown is in its 20th day, with no sign of an agreement.

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Trump was headed for a pair of events in the border town of McAllen, continuing his bully-pulpit approach to arguing for a wall along more of the U.S.

At the White House on Thursday, the USA president reiterated his view that the discussions were a total waste of time but denied pounding the table or having "temper tantrums", as described by Schumer.

China's Vice President Wang Qishan is also expected to attend, but it is not clear if there were any arrangements for a meeting between him and Trump during the annual gathering.

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The Trump administration is engaged in trade talks with the European Union and China, among others.

Trump Cancels Davos Trip Over Democrats' 'Intransigence'