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Lenovo crammed Google Assistant smarts into this adorable alarm clock

10 January 2019

Additionally, the tech giant is looking to attract customers with Google Assistant by mentioning that it will fulfill all your needs if you already own Chromecast and Google Home.

If you like the idea of a smart speaker with a display but aren't keen on shelling out $150 for the Google Home Hub, you'll want to check out Lenovo's new Smart Clock. Unfortunately, it's powered via a non-USB cable, making you reliant on their in-the-box cable for getting it powered.

A more normal clock face.

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With the smartphone's rise, it pretty much killed off the bedroom alarm clock - one of many gadget casualties that occurred when more and more features were integrated into today's modern smartphones. Well, Lenovo is aiming to bring them back from the dead!

This is the latest evolution in the ongoing smart speaker and voice assistant battle between Amazon and Google, one of the main themes this year at CES.

Yes, it will show you the weather. What's not there is Google Photos to turn your clock into an ambient photo frame during the day, a camera for Duo video calls, Duo for voice calls and most importantly Google's new Home View control centre for home automation control.

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The Smart Clock isn't supposed to be as complex as Lenovo's Smart Display with Google Assistant. The lack of a Home View card however is perplexing, especially on a product they are pushing as a smart home control device. It's due to launch in the United States of America in their Spring with a retail price of $79.99 which would see it priced around the $120 AUD mark if / when it makes it here. If you have events loaded into your calendar, Assistant will also take those into account and make suggestions about alarms you should set to make sure you're up with time to spare.

The device, which can easily sit on a bedside table in an unobtrusive manner, can offer the kind of information that people would expect from a Smart Clock. Let us know below.

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Lenovo crammed Google Assistant smarts into this adorable alarm clock