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How Much Could Wife of Amazon's Jeff Bezos Get in Divorce?

10 January 2019

Jeff Bezos, billionaire and founder/CEO of Amazon, is about to be a bachelor.

Jeff is the founder and CEO of Amazon and has a reported $137 billion on the line in the divorce.

Another question is, what should Jeff Bezos do next, and what would his next date be like? However, it appears they're separating on good terms.

"If we had known we would separate after 25 years together, we would do it all again", the tweeted message said. There are Jeff Bezos assets scattered all over the place. Bezos owns two adjoining homes in Beverly Hills, California, and a sprawling, 400,000-acre ranch in West Texas, too. He liked to say that as a single man he sought a partner who could "get him out of a third-world prison" and that MacKenzie fit the bill. He owns a Gulfstream G-650 ER private jet, according to CNBC, which costs $65 million.

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The head of Amazon Jeff Bezos has announced that he and his wife are ending their marriage after 25 years together.

Bezos also owns the Washington Post newspaper, while the company acquired the Whole Foods supermarket previous year.

"They have a mutual interest in making sure that no one is concerned that the ship has sprung a leak", he said. They soon took the plunge and moved to Seattle, where Bezos founded Amazon.

The couple have also acquired at least five homes in California, Washington state, Texas, Washington D.C. and NY throughout their 25-year marriage. He didn't really rake in the money until Amazon had its initial public offering in 1997.

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Jeff was the first person to interview Mackenzie when she applied for the position, in 1992.

The Amazon legend has said that the company's first business plan was written during the couple's drive across the country, according to Business Insider. So, the news of his costly divorce sparked a slew of hilarious comebacks from Twitter users, who speculated over how the separation will impact the tycoon's fortune. Jocelyn won $2.5 billion in their divorce settlement. At the very least, their divorce appears very amicable.

PEOPLE confirmed Sanchez, 49, is also divorcing Whitesell after 13 years of marriage. By the looks of it, Jeff and MacKenzie were devoutly locked into their relationship.

Reports in the United States claimed shares in Amazon dropped shortly after the couple announced they were parting ways after a quarter of a decade.

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How Much Could Wife of Amazon's Jeff Bezos Get in Divorce?