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Netflix issues warning after Bird Box fans start freakish challenge

03 January 2019

Netflix actually played a role in creating this particular viral challenge, having teamed up with four Twitch streamers for a special Bird Box challenge which saw the foursome attempt to play popular video games blindfolded. The film, however, has since inspired the #BirdBoxChallenge, which features people trying to do daily - and sometimes harmful - tasks while their eyes are covered. While no one is trying to row a boat down roaring rapids or run through wooded areas with two children on their hips, the challenge can become risky.

Netflix has urged "Bird Box" fans not to do #BirdboxChallenge due to safety concerns.

Social media users are posting photos and videos of themselves wearing blindfolds.

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The title refers to a literal box of birds that her character carries - the birds begin to chirp when the unseen evil approaches.

Social media challenges are always intended as a joke but most of the time, one-upping each other online can be taken to the extreme.

Netflix is now realising that the real unforeseen monsters of Bird Box are the thousands of risky memes that are being created around the world.

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The streaming service said more than 45 million accounts watched the movie in its first week of release. People are even taking their love for the movie so far that Netflix has had to warn viewers not to reenact the movie in real life.

The post-apocalyptic drama thriller film directed by Susanne Bier based on the 2014 novel of the same name by Josh Malerman streamed on Netflix worldwide on December 21, 2018. The story follows Malorie (Sandra Bullock), a woman who is battling to survive with her two children after a mysterious entity kills off most of the world's population.

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Netflix issues warning after Bird Box fans start freakish challenge