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SpaceX rocket booster misses landing as supplies sent to space

08 December 2018

Now, SpaceX head honcho Elon Musk has shared some clearer video of what, exactly, happened and what went wrong on the Falcon's journey back to Earth.

The Falcon 9 will blast off from Florida's Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. This launch is scheduled to be the 16 of 20 that SpaceX was contracted to do for NASA. The mice and their habitat are loaded to the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft shortly before launch; because of possible contamination after finding mold on a small portion of the food bars, the launch crew also had to unload the rest of the bars, which had been loaded earlier deeper in the spacecraft, and get supplies to replace them. Although it is nearly without a doubt too early to actually know if the booster is in good enough condition to ever fly again, Musk seemed to directly suggest that it could eventually relaunch in support of an "internal SpaceX mission", basically either Starlink or tech development.

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One will carry the Chang'e 4 mission - an attempt to make the first-ever successful landing on the far side of the Moon. Because rockets can be reused, SpaceX launches are cheaper and have boosted interest in space-based systems by a great factor.

- Three days and 3,000 miles apart, SpaceX is aiming for their second launch this week, this time with a cargo flight to the space station.

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Today continues an extraordinary week for orbital launches.

Other experiments included in the mission include an effort to measure and perform 3D mapping of Earth's tropical and temperate forests; a test of a robotic technology to refuel spacecraft in space; and two student experiments inspired by the "Guardians of the Galaxy" films. The Dragon capsule will deliver more than 5,600 pounds of food and supplies to the crew, as well as scientific experiments, including the Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation, which will measure the impact of climate change on the world's forests. The Dragon spacecraft used by NASA and SpaceX to send the supplies to the station is expected to arrive there Saturday. The others return home on December 20, leaving only three for Christmas dinner, not counting the mice and worms. Thus, in theory, the company expects to reduce the price by $ 5 million.

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SpaceX rocket booster misses landing as supplies sent to space