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Sound From Mars Heard For First Time On Earth

08 December 2018

For the first time, humans can hear the sound of wind on Mars thanks to a new NASA spacecraft that touched down on the Red Planet ten days ago.

On December 1, InSight sensors captured a haunting low rumble caused by vibrations from the wind, estimated to be blowing between 10 to 15 miles per hour (16 to 24 kph).

The seismometer readings are in the range of human hearing, but are almost all bass and hard to hear on laptop speakers and mobile devices. So, NASA also provided a version of the recording shifted up in pitch, which pulls some of the otherwise-inaudible infrasound into hearing range. Playback is suggested on a sound system with a subwoofer or through headphones.

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InSight's seismometer and another sensor picked up the noise, and it was not planned. The instrument will eventually be placed on the planet's surface to listen for marsquakes.

These vibrations were detected by an ultra-sensitive seismometer developed in the United Kingdom and an air pressure sensor sitting on the lander's deck.

InSight, which landed on 26 November 2018, will study the inside of Mars to learn how planets, moons and meteorites with rocky surfaces, including the Earth and its Moon, formed.

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Less than two weeks into the InSight Mission, UK science is already uncovering incredible things about Mars. Additionally, NASA reported that the winds were likely blowing from the northwest in the direction of the southeast, the way the streaks in the landing area seem to move as well. The sample includes data gathered during the first 15 minutes that the sensors were recording.

"It really sounds other worldly, and that is exactly what it is". "They do sound like the wind or maybe the ocean roaring in the background, but it also has kind of an unworldly feel to it". The team is itching to deploy the seismometer and its protective cover, with the air pressure sensor nestled inside of that shield.

But an even clearer sound from Mars is to come. When InSight is conducting its science mission, the seismometer won't be able to hear the wind, attuned only to the grumblings of the planet's interior.

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Sound From Mars Heard For First Time On Earth