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Falcon 9 Rocket Crashes After Successful ISS Cargo Delivery

08 December 2018

The first stage then began descending towards Landing Zone 1 (LZ-1) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

To the worldwide space station kicked off the sixteenth mission of the cargo ship Dragon under the NASA contract with SpaceX.

Note, the first stage of the Falcon 9 fell into the Atlantic ocean trying to get back to the launch site in Florida.

It's not every Friday that a 156-foot-tall SpaceX rocket booster is towed to Port Canaveral.

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"Engines stabilised rocket spin just in time, enabling an intact landing in water!"

Earlier it was reported that the Falcon 9 rocket with twice used the first stage, launched into orbit from 64 satellite.

Musk also tweeted a video from on board the booster, showing the rocket spinning uncontrollably until it regained stability at the last moment, but missed the landing pad.

"Appears to be undamaged and is transmitting data. Ships en route to rescue Falcon", he wrote.

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The reason for this landing was the failure of the control system.

Ocean platform landings have proven a bit trickier, but SpaceX has managed to stick the landing, whether on land or sea, 32 times in all.

Wednesday's mission (CRS-16) was initially scheduled to blast off on Tuesday, but was postponed for a day after the mission team found that the mouse food in one of the science experiments had gone mouldy. The main aim of the mission was a success, delivering the supplies to the orbiting space lab.

In September 2014, NASA awarded the two companies a huge $6.8 billion contract to ensure that the United States would continue to send US astronauts to the International Space Station without buying the headquarters of the Russian Soyuz probe.

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Falcon 9 Rocket Crashes After Successful ISS Cargo Delivery