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2-year-old cancer patient center of worldwide search for blood donors

08 December 2018

"So, so far, she has been going through her normal treatment", her father, Raheel Mughal, said in a video provided by OneBlood.

A 2-year-old girl is fighting for her life and only people with a very rare blood type can help her.

However, Zainab is missing a common antigen most people carry in their blood, dropping the amount of compatible donors down to less than four percent.

"Lucky, thank God, they have found three donors".

- All donations for Zainab must be coordinated with OneBlood in advance to ensure the additional compatibility testing is performed.

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"Because she's made this antibody we now have to provide more specially matched blood for this child", said Frieda Bright, OneBlood's reference lab manager. "Zainab will need blood transfusions for the foreseeable future".

A person's blood type is determined by antigens.

Sandra Nance, senior director of the ARDP, explained that OneBlood has tracked approximately 59 types of rare blood with more than 120,000 donors on the registry.

In order for Zainab's body to accept the blood, she must receive it from donors of the same ancestry, who are also missing the antigen and have blood type "O" or "A".

Those who believe they would be a good match with Zainab can find more information here. Rules limit how frequently donors can give blood.

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OneBlood says it has found three matches so far, one near London and two in the US, but she will need blood transfusions for the foreseeable future, which means more donors must be found.

It is the missing piece of a treatment plan that doctors say is already shrinking Zainab's tumor.

Must be exclusively Pakistani, Indian or Iranian descent, meaning the donor's birth parents are both 100 percent Pakistani, Indian or Iranian.

But her parents and a team of experts realize it's not over until Zainab walks out of the hospital, cancer free. One shows the toddler wearing a birthday cap and a polka-dot pink dress, another shows her posing for a photo with a cream-colored dress and flowers and ribbons in her hair. Two live in the USA and one lives in London.

"It's a humble request, and I request it from my heart", Mughal said in a video produced by OneBlood. "My daughter's life very much depends on the blood..."

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2-year-old cancer patient center of worldwide search for blood donors