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Turkey seeks arrest of Saudi officials over Khashoggi

06 December 2018

Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri, who supported the resolution, said last week that the Trump administration's weak response to Khashoggi's murder had damaged the nation's credibility overseas.

Khalid's return to the US comes just one day after a closed US Senate briefing by Central Intelligence Agency chief Gina Haspel.

Penn was pictured in Istanbul as Turkey announced that they are seeking the arrest of two allies of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman over the murder.

"There's a smoking saw", Graham said, referring to reports from the Turkish government that said Saudi agents used a bone saw to dismember Khashoggi after he was killed in the Istanbul consulate, where he had gone to obtain paperwork enabling him to marry his fiancee.

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The strongly-worded resolution also holds MBS accountable for alleged atrocities committed during the war in Yemen, which Saudi Arabia entered in 2015 through a massive bombing campaign.

"If someone said Secretary Mattis or Pompeo were dishonest, they just don't know those individuals", Stewart told CNN. "Period. We believe in "freedom of the press" here, and we should be promoting that ideal around the world, not excusing it because it's politically convenient in excusing the blunders of our president". "All evidence points to that all this leads back to the crown prince", Shelby said. "By extraditing all suspects to Turkey, where Jamal Khashoggi was killed and dismembered, the Saudi authorities could address those concerns", the Turkish official said.

"There is zero question in my mind that the crown prince directed the murder and was kept apprised of the situation all the way through", Corker said Tuesday after the closed-door briefing with CIA Director Gina Haspel and a handful of senators.

When asked to explain the mixed messaging, Rubio said Trump's cabinet was "carrying out the policy of the administration", and America doesn't require a smoking gun to take action on a diplomatic level. "We have to figure out a way to condemn the butchery and the murder in the strongest possible terms without blowing up the Middle East", Kennedy said.

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The clear and unusually biting assessment put Republican senators at odds with the White House, which has steadfastly refused to cast blame on Saudi Arabia's leadership for the grisly death of Khashoggi, a Washington Post columnist, the New York Times reported. "As to Pompeo and Mattis, I have great respect for them".

Riyadh has since detained 21 people over the murder. Bernie Sanders' (I-Vt.) resolution to end USA military support for the Saudi kingdom's assault on Yemen.

The CIA had already concluded with high confidence that the prince was behind the murder, but senators said Haspel provided a much more fulsome briefing than the one they had gotten from Cabinet officials, including new evidence. "Guilty. A guilty verdict", Corker, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told reporters after the briefing.

The Saudi embassy in Washington confirmed that Khalid had returned to the US, NBC said, while a Saudi official said he was unable to attend the funeral because of a plane delay.

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Turkey seeks arrest of Saudi officials over Khashoggi