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New satellite images reveal North Korea is expanding key missile base

06 December 2018

Trump on Sunday had said he planned to hold a second summit with Kim that could take place in January or February and three places were being considered for the meeting.

According to CNN, the imagery offers evidence the Yeongjeo-dong missile base and a nearby, previously unreported site remain active and have been continuously upgraded.

The second site appears to be a new facility, although experts that CNN talked to from the Middlebury Institute speculated that the new site may be part of the Yeongjeo-dong base. The location of the missile bases means it is likely to be a launch site for North Korea's newest long-range missiles, including ones that can carry nuclear warheads, according to analysts who reviewed the images.

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The images also suggest North Korea was building a large underground facility in 2017, . and the regime continued construction up until this August.

Experts told CNN that the facility, which has always been familiar to the USA, is a suitable location to receive the North's newest long-range missiles, . including those than can carry nuclear warheads to the US mainland.

Trump said on Saturday he hoped to hold a second meeting with Kim early next year and United States national security adviser John Bolton said the lack of progress with North Korea made a second summit necessary, likely to be held in January or February.

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That means such activities were continuing even after the first North Korea-U.S. summit in Singapore in June.

"Whatever Kim says about his desire for denuclearization, North Korea continues to produce and deploy nuclear armed missiles", he told CNN.

U.S. officials have insisted North Korea must fully disarm and open itself to global inspectors before it will grant sanctions relief while North Korea's state media has called the stance a "hostile policy" and said the USA "is responding to good faith with evil". "Meeting Kim again only validates Kim's strategy of using Trump to play for time and sanctions relief, and keep North Korea on the pathway to becoming a de facto nuclear weapon state", Medeiros told The New York Times.

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New satellite images reveal North Korea is expanding key missile base