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Call for responsible use of antibiotics in treatment plan

17 November 2018

Antibiotic resistance develops when the outcome of their application change the bacteria: the bacteria becomes immune to the antibiotics used to treat infections caused by it. However, antibiotics are often used when they should not, which can cause them to stop working.

And it's not just patients and doctors who are at fault: decades of liberal use of antibiotics to promote the health of farm animals headed for our tables and environmental contamination by the ubiquitous drugs have led to so-called superbugs like MRSA and VRE that have developed resistance to their effects.

Global Positioning System with a higher workload are more likely to prescribe antibiotics, according to a new study from Public Health England and the University of Manchester.

Infection Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC) says the price tag of antibiotic resistance will continue to grow without significant action on the part of the federal government.

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Hygiene should be better in hospitals and clinics, and better testing should be used to check if infections are viral to avoid unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions, officials said.

"Drugs especially antibiotics are poisons, the more you take it the more you give the body system work to do".

In the survey, there was widespread support across the political spectrum for increased federal funding of research and public health measures to tackle antibiotic resistance - from Democrats (81 percent), Republicans (76 percent) and Independents (70 percent). Of the patients who go to urgent care centers with acute respiratory conditions that do not require antibiotics, what percentage are prescribed antibiotics anyway?

A national online survey gauging Canadians' knowledge about the issue found that 60 per cent of respondents mistakenly believed antibiotic resistance means a person with an infection is resistant to the drugs. Our practice is for your protection - you may not be able to get antibiotics when you want them, but you will be able to get antibiotics when you NEED them!

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It further notes that new resistance mechanisms are emerging and spreading worldwide, threatening our capability to treat ordinary infectious diseases.

This would mean that even routine infections would be hard to treat, and it would be particularly unsafe for more complicated infections, especially in patients with chronic diseases.

The Commission released the results of a new Eurobarometer study on the public knowledge on antibiotics and overall trends in their use ahead of the 11th European Antibiotic Awareness Day.

Speaking on Wednesday while opening the National Antimicrobial resistance symposium, Aman said that Kenya was no exception to this threat with increasing rates of antimicrobial resistance being reported in hospitals and communities. Ministry of Health in collaboration with the World Health Organization is spearheading the advocacy and awareness activities in Thimphu, and other hospitals in 9 districts.

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Call for responsible use of antibiotics in treatment plan