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Trump’s Pro-Nancy Pelosi Tweet Baffles Twitter: ‘Genuine or Nah?’

09 November 2018

WASHINGTONUS President Donald Trump often boasts about winning, but after Democrats seized the House of Representatives on Tuesday, he is finding out how it feels to be one of the "losers" he usually mocks.

By any historical measure, Democrats stumbled in midterm elections, ceding several Senate seats and gaining only a precarious hold of the House of Representatives.

Prominent critics of Mr Trump are expected to become chairmen of the House intelligence, judiciary, oversight and finance committees, where they could use their power to extract disclosures from the White House. To be fair, the Republicans retained control of the Senate and even picked up a pair of seats.

There was a fair amount of overlap in 2016 between Mr Trump's and Bernie Sanders' supporters - Mr Trump can rest assured that the progressive left did not appear to be very energised by Tuesday's results.

President Trump claimed some personal victories in the 2018 midterm results, and as he ticked them off at a press conference on Wednesday he might as well have been walking through the Electoral College map for 2020.

Democrats dominate the big urban centres and Trump, heading a reconstituted Republican Party, has tightened the GOP's grip on rural America. "She has earned this great honor!", Trump said.

The results came nearly two years after women marched in Washington and cities across the country to oppose the inauguration of President Donald Trump. He has professed that he has no burning desire to run for president, but Clinton vetted him as a running mate and he could fit well with potential 2020 candidates such as California Sen. Then he asked the reporter to change the subject.

"Thanks to Stacey Abrams, Andrew Gillum and Beto O'Rourke, places where Democrats have had trouble winning for years became unpredictable toss-ups in large part because of an electorate inspired by never-before-heard bold visions for economic and racial justice", Green said. He said the information could be closely held within Congress, as they'd want to abide by any legal parameters that protect privacy. "We also also have to determine whether financial motives are motivating the president and the first family".

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But he said there would be an onus on Democrats to explain precisely why they are seeking the information, in order to prove there is a legitimate legislative objective for any inquiry.

"It's too early to drink, but I am eating all the leftover Halloween candy", Harper said Wednesday.

"They can play that game, but we can play it better".

"We will take our oversight responsibilities seriously, both with respect to the intelligence agencies under our charge but also with respect to any work left undone in the Russian Federation probe by the majority", Schiff told ABC News. In the lower chamber of Congress, Democrats so far have 219-193 seat majority.

Democrats were on course to retake at least 27 seats from Republican hands, with strong performances among suburban white women who had narrowly turned to Mr Trump two years ago.

At the least, the Democratic victories provided a morale boost, and in demonstrating the coalition needed to win, may represent at least a symbolic roadblock to the President as he maps his 2020 strategy.

The Twitterverse doesn't really know what to make of President Trump's magnanimous (?) new tweet saying Nancy Pelosi "deserves" to be House Speaker.

Republicans complain that Democrats are mostly interested in assembling a case to impeach Trump. "It's about restoring the constitution's checks and balances to the Trump administration", she told a news conference. This is one lesson many took from the 2016 presidential election when exit polls wrongly projected that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would beat President Donald Trump.

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The election was historic for different reasons.

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are the first Muslim women and Sharice Davids and Debra Haaland the first Native American women to be elected to Congress.

"I thought it was very close to complete victory", he said.

There are uncalled Senate contests in Arizona and Florida. At the Hilton DoubleTree Resort, music blared from the hall and smiles were etched on faces.

And should President Trump be anxious about his chances for re-election in 2020? "That's a firewall", GOP volunteer James Murr said.

In the three races he targeted on the final day, Trump's picks won Tuesday night, with Republican Mike Braun defeating Democratic Sen.

Having seized control of the House of Representatives, Democrats will get the chance to convert their rhetoric into action.

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Trump’s Pro-Nancy Pelosi Tweet Baffles Twitter: ‘Genuine or Nah?’