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Android Will Soon Allow In-App Updates

08 November 2018

In flexible app update function, it allows Android users to keep using the app even while it is being updated.

The feature was announced as part of Android's In-App Updates API, which Google said is now being tested and will launch to developers soon. Google has introduced new tools and features at Android Developer Summit.

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The new API gives developers two new ways to update the apps: flexible and immediate. "[But] we've noticed that people across the globe are using it, no matter what type of mobile phone they have or how fast their internet connection is". There is no specific date mentioned by Google as to when we will see the API in use on Android apps.

Google announced the In-app Updates API at its annual Android Dev Summit - alongside support for foldable displays - while celebrating 10 years of the OS. However, it also offers developers a way to bump users up to the latest version of an app if they've built a bunch of new features and want all users to have access to them. This option essentially brings a full-screen experience in which users will receive a pop-up to install the important update, and once hitting the update button, the app opens a full-screen window to show the update progress.

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"We've heard that you'd like more controls to ensure that users are running the latest and greatest version of your app", said Stephanie Cuthbertson, Director of Product Management, Android, in a blog post.

Its not just a simple rebranding, Google also redesigned the app to put your content front and center.

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Android Will Soon Allow In-App Updates