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AMD's Zen 2 architecture heralds the coming of Ryzen 3 processors

08 November 2018

There is a single 14nm I/O die, with eight memory controllers, with Infinity Fabric ports and PCIexpress lanes, and then 7nm chipset which handle the CPU tasks themselves. AMD's second-generation Infinity Fabric is the bridge the connects them.

Zen 2 is sampling now and early benchmark tests are said to be good.

Currently, experts AMD busy with the release of prototypes of the new processors EPYC using the Zen architecture 2. The EPYC Rome chip will feature eight CPU chiplets giving out 64 x86 cores.

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AMD will be using a new design approach for the EPYC "Rome" CPU.

AMD's Mark Papermaster says the new Zen 2 cores offer double the throughput of Zen and twice the floating point performance. Based, as with its latest GPU designs, on a 7nm process node - manufactured, as if the company has a choice, at Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) - the Zen 2 upgrade brings with it claims of an improved execution pipeline, an improved branch predictor, better instruction prefetching, a newly optimised instruction cache, larger operation cache, enhancements to floating point performance including a doubling of width to 256-bit, and new security features - including hardware protections against the Spectre family of speculative execution vulnerabilities. Nearly certainly, the Ryzen 3 family will make use of the 7nm Zen 2 architecture, which could see AMD push ahead of Intel in the raw performance and clock speed stakes, as Intel is still on the 14nm process node given it has kept pushing back the debut of 10nm-based CPUs due to problems with manufacturing them at scale. Performance gains in terms of instructions per clock will be improved as well.

The 7nm manufacturing process and indeed the Zen timeline doesn't stop with the highly-anticipated Zen 2.

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One area Moorhead isn't sure of is the all-important laptop market that makes up the lion's share of PC sales today. The company's official roadmap for Ryzen 2 is 2019.

7nm Rome CPUs are now sampling to AMD's customers and clients. We know Lisa Su is scheduled to deliver a keynote at CES in January.

At the special AMD "The Next Horizon" event, AMD has confirmed its total commitment to the datacenter market, unveiling both the new 7nm Vega-based Instinct MI60 as well as showing some of the first details and performance figures for the upcoming 7nm EPYC "Rome" datacenter CPU. Many expect fireworks, which the company seems to have laid out already in Rome.

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AMD's Zen 2 architecture heralds the coming of Ryzen 3 processors