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3 'Final Fantasy XV' DLC cancelled as director leaves company

08 November 2018

The video also announced Final Fantasy XV and Luminous Productions head Hajime Tabata's resignation from Square Enix. In addition, it was confirmed that game director Hajime Tabata has left the company. All except Episode Ardyn have been cancelled, with Ardyn still planned for its March 2019 release. The revelation came during a livestreamed Final Fantasy presentation, which outlined the company's plans for XV's forthcoming DLC packs and the newly standalone nature of XV's multiplayer mode. However, no further details were divulged on what this new title is. According to Eurogamer, Tabata was given the option of turning Luminous Productions into one of Square Enix's regular business divisions, or spin it off into a separate company with investment from the publisher. "The desire is to deliver this new AAA experience to everyone even a day [sic] sooner, and due to this directional change, the company made a decision to focus our resources on the development of this AAA title". Only hours prior to the announcement Square Enix Holdings reported an "extraordinary loss" in finances through Luminous Productions - amounting to 3,733 million yen. You will be able to watch it on YouTube and Niconico.

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At this point, it's unknown if these financial problems contributed to Tabata leaving Square Enix, but the timing is certainly coincidental.

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On December 13, the season pass for the console version of Final Fantasy XV is getting a price drop, it'll cost $14.99 Dollars. "As production of Episode Ardyn continues and Luminous Productions works on new projects, I felt that it was time for me to hand over the torch to the next-generation group of talented and trustworthy colleagues and believe that they will create something awesome". Later, it was announced that Final Fantasy XIV will get a special event designed for XV owners, which features Noctis in a quest titled "Adventurer From Another World".

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3 'Final Fantasy XV' DLC cancelled as director leaves company