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TECH and HEALTH - NASA detects smiley in new galaxy

07 November 2018

Galaxy clusters are some of the most massive structures in the universe that are bound together by gravity.

The Hubble Space Telescope has been in space, looking across the universe for almost 30 years.

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope captured a formation of galaxies that look like a smiling face, the USA space agency reported.

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On Saturday, it posted an image on its Instagram handle that showed two yellow orbs above an arc of light - painting a smiley face in space. So gravitational lensing acts as a kind of magnifying glass for dim, far away galaxies and allows researchers to observe them easily. In some cases, gravitational lensing causes some lights from distant celestial sources to look like a ring or a bubble in space. But many galaxies in the line of sight also appear distorted.

NASA's Hubble Telescope has captured several spooky space images in the past which includes a cosmic bat shadow and a weird shaped skull. These galaxies got its name because of the regions of active formation of young blue stars, which are usually located near their cores. Stars are born out of giant clouds of gas which eventually grow unstable, collapsing under gravity.

When NASA peers into the sky with any of its various telescopes, there's always the chance that scientists will spot something they've never seen before. But flight controllers were able to restore Hubble's optimal performance by switching to a backup gyroscope.

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Studying nurseries within different galaxies will provide information about star formation at different points in time and space throughout the universe.

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TECH and HEALTH - NASA detects smiley in new galaxy