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Nikki Haley makes ‘Indian’ jokes about Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test

21 October 2018

While speaking at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, Haley, who is of Native American descent, joked how the foundation wanted to have an Indian-American speak, but Warren didn't qualify. "As a member of the Trump Cabinet, it is a thrill to be out to dinner without being harassed", Haley said.

Trump on October 9 announced that Haley would be leaving her post "at the end of the year".

"The president called me this morning and gave me some good advice, he said if I get stuck for laughs just brag about his accomplishments".

U.S. President Donald Trump says he hopes to choose a United Nations ambassador to replace Nikki Haley very soon and says he would prefer to pick a woman for the job.

Haley, who announced her conscious uncoupling from the Trump administration last week, was the keynote speaker at the high profile fundraiser in honor of the former governor of NY.

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Haley has often been an unpredictable and independent force in the Trump administration.

But Haley later put the jokes aside when she brought up how she's heard both Republicans and Democrats describe their political opponents as "enemies or evil" in what she called "our toxic political environment".

"As a member of the United Nations delegation, I do have diplomatic exemption from prosecution, or as Mayor De Blasio calls it, a sanctuary city!"

"Last year you went with Paul Ryan, who's a Boys Scout, and that's fine, but a little boring", she said.

"But I do understand why you invited me", Haley said. She has said she wanted to pay respect to her ancestors, as more of her relatives were dying. "Actually, there was a benefit", she said.

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"She's done a fantastic job and we've done a fantastic job together", Trump during the meeting.

Haley used her Indian heritage for a few more laughs, but mostly taking aim at others, including Trump: "When the president found out I was Indian, he asked me if I belonged to same tribe as Elizabeth Warren".

She continued to poke fun at Trump's cultural ignorance.

Haley's parents are from Punjab, India. "As a private citizen, I look forward to supporting your re-election as president and supporting the policies that will continue to move our great country toward even greater heights".

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Nikki Haley makes ‘Indian’ jokes about Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test