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Lady Gaga's open letter on mental health is a must-read

12 October 2018

And, if not recognized and managed, these feelings can lead to mental illness.

Today [October 10] marks World Mental Health Day, and the report notes that young people bear "the brunt of the burden of mental ill health". Some mental health issues require medication, hospitalization, talk-therapy or a various combination of all.

It is widely accepted worldwide that mental health issues become evident in someone around the age of 14 years, but it takes up to about 10 years to show the full manifestation.

To put mental health in a positive light, facilities management company Sodexo has collaborated with tech company Ed App to develop micro-learning and gamification specifically for mining employees.

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"Driven by violence, environmental changes and inequality, mental disorders are going unchecked in every country in the world". Go and call and check in on a friend who you know has been struggling.

"These findings are suggestive of a prevalent attitude within Indian society that those suffering from mental health conditions should be ostracised".

The minister said: "Here in The Bahamas, the all too common signs of persons affected by substance abuse disorders, neurological conditions or mental health problems living in conditions of homelessness, poverty, and desperate want, serves as clear evidence of the need to focus national attention on mental health issues and mental health services".

"I feel Chinese people now are more open to talking about mental illnesses, which is progress", said Peng.

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Suicide is the leading cause of death in men aged 15-44 and the number of men who die every year exceeds those killed in road accidents.

A combination of factors including young people sleeping less, being less active and eating less healthily, coupled with pressures around school, work and study, all contribute to one's mental health more so than in previous generations.

Dr. Appau, however suggested that creating counselling centres in all educational institutions could help secure the future of the youth from possible psychological disorders. These are just a few of the challenges of working with behavioral health clients that makes mental health nursing such a fascinating and rewarding career. It's not easy, but the impact you will have on others is a priceless reward.

World Mental Health Day should give Indians pause for thought to consider what is a veritable public health crisis that - thanks to stigma - is brewing in silence. She founded the Born This Way Foundation in 2012 to help young people address mental wellness, and she herself has been open about surviving a sexual assault by a record producer when she was 19 years old.

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Lady Gaga's open letter on mental health is a must-read