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Trump apologizes to Kavanaugh and declares him 'proven innocent'

10 October 2018

The Republican party raised a total of $5.7 million from Sept. 30 to October 5, compared to $4.38 million raised by the DCCC from the end of September to October 5, which is the day Kavanaugh secured the votes in the Senate to be confirmed.

On a positive note for his party, he said he expects the Kavanaugh confirmation fight and approval to provide an "adrenaline shot" of GOP enthusiasm at the polls.

"On behalf of our nation, I would like to apologize to Brett and his family for the bad pain and suffering that you have been forced to endure", Trump, standing in the East Room of the White House, said in the televised event.

The other eight justices are all in attendance for Monday's swearing-in, which is entirely ceremonial.

Then came bombshell testimony from university research psychologist Christine Blasey Ford that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her at a gathering when they were in school.

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Kavanaugh will be closely scrutinized from his first day on the bench.

Kavanaugh joins the Supreme Court today after he was sworn in at a private ceremony on Saturday and a public ceremony on Monday, report the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post in stories here and here. Kavanaugh, in contrast, is expected to be a more decidedly conservative vote, tilting the court right for decades and leaving Roberts as the justice closest to the ideological middle. On behalf of our nation, I want to apologize to Brett and the entire Kavanaugh family for the bad pain and suffering you have been forced to endure. Retired Justice Anthony Kennedy, the 82-year-old jurist who Kavanaugh replaced, was in the courtroom, as were members of the new justice's family. Every sitting member of the Supreme Court was present at the ceremony.

His ascent to the court was sealed by a 50-48 Senate vote on Saturday.

The high court now has five conservative justices and four liberals.

"The start of Brett Kavanaugh's tenure on the Supreme Court may look like a victory for one interest group or another, the webpage reads".

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The president's rendering of a verdict on the sexual assault allegations risks further antagonizing political opponents at a moment that the "Me Too" movement demands accountability for sexual misconduct.

If control of Congress does split, he envisions a Republican Senate majority keeping full-throttle on confirming the president's nominees - including another Supreme Court pick if there's a vacancy on the high court.

Early voting accounted for 41 percent of the Iowa vote in 2016, according to the White House.

He'll also sit on the committee that oversees the court's cafeteria, which is open to the public.

"I can just see it just from traveling around the country in the last few days, traveling around Wisconsin, the Republican base is definitely animated after this", Ryan said.

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Democrats plan to force a vote Wednesday morning on a bill related to health care coverage of pre-existing conditions and the size and scope of insurance plans, the latest action from the minority party's push to focus on the issue of health care going into the midterms.

Trump apologizes to Kavanaugh and declares him 'proven innocent'