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Microsoft announces Project xCloud game streaming tech

10 October 2018

Yesterday, Microsoft announced Project xCloud, a new streaming service that will apparently let people play their favorite Xbox games from any device including your tablet, smartphone, PC, and of course, your gaming console.

In a blog post, Microsoft's Corporate VP for Gaming Cloud, Kareem Choudry, said cloud game-streaming is a "multi-faceted, complex challenge".

U.S. tech giant Microsoft is now testing a streaming service for its Xbox console titled Project xCloud. The company has not revealed any information on its pricing, texture and how it will work with your save data (or not) if you also play games on an actual Xbox.

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"Our goal with Project xCloud, it is to deliver a quality experience to all players, on all media, which remains consistent with the speed and high-fidelity experiences that players are experiencing and are waiting on their PCs and consoles." says Microsoft on its website.

Users will be able to connect Xbox controllers to supported devices, such as smartphones through Bluetooth and an adaptor, or play them with regular controls, like touchscreen.

Now Microsoft has announced Project xCloud which would allow gamers to stream games to any device they wish. Microsoft has also started installing Xbox One hardware in its Azure data centers that spans 54 regions and cover 140 countries. Projects like xCloud will enable players to play their favorite games on any device with the internet and that can be controlled. The company is developing a new, game-specific touch input overlay that provides maximum response in a minimal footprint for players who choose to play without a controller.

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Microsoft reckons its Azure datacenters (two of which are headed to South Africa before the sun sets on 2018) have the scale to meet the demands of Project xCloud and we tend to agree.

This future maker will empower you, the gamers, and it will place you in the middle of the gaming experience. Right now in their tests, the streaming service runs at 10 megabits per second. With the next PlayStation and Xbox surely coming out in the next year or two, will streaming really take over as Microsoft wants it to?

The team at Microsoft Research are working towards creating ways to curb the latency with the help of advancement in networking topology and video decoding and encoding.

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Microsoft announces Project xCloud game streaming tech