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China is the key to beating climate change

10 October 2018

It envisions a scenario in which the US acts alone on climate change, not in tandem with the 194 other countries that agreed to emissions reductions in the Paris Agreement on climate change.

The report underscores the urgency of this Agreement and its ambitious target. That change has contributed to sea level rise, the melting of Arctic sea ice, coral bleaching of ocean reefs and ocean acidification. The world may only have 12 years left to act on climate change before a global catastrophe breaks out.

This week's report from worldwide scientists was stark and urgent.

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In an exclusive interview with, Cambridge University's Professor Rees outlined what he viewed as the only viable "win-win solution" to controlling climate change.

Botswana and Namibia already know the challenges of droughts and floods. To explain this finding, the report states "This arises because melt during the remainder of the century is dominated by the response to warming from preindustrial to present-day levels (in turn a reflection of the slow response times of glaciers)".

If average world temperatures increase by between 1.5ºC and 2°C, potentially deadly heatwaves are likely to substantially increase (pdf) in frequency, and those similar to the one in 2015 could become an annual occurrence in India and Pakistan, says the report, putting coastal cities such as Karachi and Kolkata at high risk. World transportation systems must be transformed from fossil fuels to electric to take advantage of that shift to renewables.

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Ireland's seventh president has also previously called for the nation to reduce or eliminate its meat consumption. It indicates that glacier melt will affect water security in alpine regions (section

Governor Brown convened the Global Climate Action Summit last month in San Francisco, where grassroots activists, mayors, governors, heads of industry and nonprofits made hundreds of new commitments ahead of this year's United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP24). Section 4.3.8, Solar Radiation Modification, mentions a small-scale form of geoengineering: "covering glaciers ... with reflective sheeting". At 2.0°C global warming, Botswana would experience warming of 2.8°C. Governor Brown also partnered with Michael Bloomberg to launch America's Pledge, an initiative toquantify non-federal action in the U.S. to drive down emissions consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement, and helped form the bipartisan U.S. Climate Alliance - which now includes 17 U.S. states representing 40 percent of the U.S. population - committed to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement and meeting or exceeding the targets of the federal Clean Power Plan. "We're starting to see a wider acceptance that more needs to be done to fight climate change, and CCS is part of this "more". That Global Stocktake will provide a full assessment of the progress towards the achievement of the objective and goals of the agreement.

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China is the key to beating climate change