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Main » '2.2m Nepalis suffer from mental health disorder' - Capital

'2.2m Nepalis suffer from mental health disorder' - Capital

10 October 2018

According to the global agency, 10 to 20 per cent of children and adolescents worldwide suffer from mental disorders.

"One in four of us will have to deal with a mental health condition at some point in our lives, and if we're not directly affected, someone we care for is likely to be", the op-ed reads. The theme for this year is "Young people and mental health in a changing world".

Launched as part of World Mental Health Day, "Jason McAteer; Through the Storm" takes a powerful look into the world of mental health and challenges the associated stigma of speaking up through personal accounts, both on and off the pitch.

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Children and adolescents in humanitarian settings are particularly vulnerable to mental distress and illness, World Health Organization said. One such discussion was held on Twitter earlier this year during May, which is considered as Mental Health Month.

Mental disorders are estimated to cost the global community almost $2.5 trillion each year - and those costs are increasing.

Chambers says that Sadag is receiving more and more calls from young people who are in crisis and need help, as well as more requests to do school talks and debriefing sessions after a learner suicide.

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Health Minister Jackie Doyle-Price will lead the national effort and try to end the stigma which stops people from seeking help, the Prime Minister said. We have commenced the construction of primary health centres across the state to reach all Edo people and residents irrespective of where they reside.

Liverpool have recently pledged its support to the Zero Suicide Alliance, a collaboration between National Health Service trusts, businesses and suicide survivors across the United Kingdom who are all committed to suicide prevention in the United Kingdom and beyond by offering free suicide prevention training and resources, which are accessible to all.

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'2.2m Nepalis suffer from mental health disorder' - Capital