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Boris Johnson Calls Chequers Brexit Plan 'Deranged'

01 October 2018

Unveiling the plan ahead of the Conservative's annual party conference in Birmingham, May said the Festival of Great Britain and Northern Ireland would work towards strengthening "our precious union", with a nationwide program of events to take place in 2022, once the full effects of the United Kingdom crashing out of the EU begin to be felt.

"Unlike the prime minister I campaigned for Brexit", he said. "And it's only then that you can actually identify what the issue really is, where there are issues that lie behind this", she told the BBC's Andrew Marr program on Sunday.

"This is a plan which ensures we deliver on the vote of the British people". "Chequers at the moment is the only plan on the table that delivers on the Brexit vote. and also delivers for the people of Northern Ireland".

She said her Chequers plan is the only realistic option on the table and it's now up to the European Union to bring forward proposals of their own in order to negotiate an agreement.

Mrs May also told the Sun on Sunday that she was "not bluffing" when she said "no deal is better than a bad deal" when it comes to leaving the EU.

Setting out her plans for a festival in post-Brexit Britain, she said: "We want to showcase what makes our country great today".

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"Where they have problems, let's actually hear them".

"My mood is to listen to what the European Union have to say about their concerns and to sit down and talk them through with them".

In an interview with the Sun newspaper, Britain's Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab said the Irish issue was being used by some in the EU Commission "for political purposes", but said he was open to suggestions from the bloc.

Speaking with the Sunday Times, Johnson said: "The idea that we could ask customs officers in Dubrovnik and Santander to charge British-only tariffs is deranged, and nobody thinks it can work".

He added that the "Opportunity" slogan of the 2018 Tory conference was missing some key words: "I couldn't help but think [they were] "missed", "lost, "wasted" and 'squandered". You can't beat (Jeremy) Corbyn by becoming Corbyn'.

Mr Grieve warned that the crisis over Brexit was "paralysing government" and damaging the Tories' reputation.

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Her former Brexit Minister David Davis, who resigned in protest at her proposals, again hit out at the plan but said he believed a deal would get done. "The opposite of where this Tory government is taking us", Remainer Lammy said on Twitter.

"Chequers is unpopular with the general public, the Opposition's not going to vote for it, it's unpopular with our party and our activists who actually pound the streets and get us elected in the first place".

"We are capable of managing this through".

Ahead of the conference, May accused those who refuse to back the Chequers plan of "playing politics" and said on Sunday that she would make a success of Brexit regardless of the outcome of talks with the EU.

The money raised would go towards measures to tackle rough sleeping.

She added: 'It's not just about Brexit, it's about the domestic agenda as well.

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