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Lindsey Graham: I will be in the National Basketball Association before Kavanaugh is convicted

29 September 2018

What are your thoughts on the sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh? "If you really wanted to know the truth, you sure as hell wouldn't have done what you've done to this guy". "That's exactly where you should be", he told Kavanaugh.

"They don't reach conclusions, you reach conclusions", Kavanaugh said, adding that what the Federal Bureau of Investigation would essentially do was "ask question and type out the report". So what am I supposed to do? "And all of a sudden you got over it".

Graham shook his head and said to Kavanaugh, "I can not imagine what you and your family have gone through". Kavanaugh denied the allegation. I believe my job is to assess the facts that we have before us, and that's very hard when no corroboration exists regarding this allegation.

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Kavanaugh replied, "I did not know that".

Before Swirling approached Graham, the South Carolina Republican lamented the scrutiny that Kavanaugh has faced following the allegations.

Graham made his remarks as the committee reconvened for the second day, after emotional testimony from Ford alleging that Kavanaugh, President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, sexually assaulted her at a house party in 1982. She's as much a victim as you are.

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In 2016, 230-something days before the presidential election, Graham and Senate Republicans refused to consider the formal nomination of Judge Merrick Garland by President Barack Obama. "This is going to destroy the ability for good people to come forward because of this crap!"

But Democrats said Kavanaugh's 3 ½-hour appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee raised more questions than it answered.

Ultimately, Graham bolstered his arguments with reminders about his legal background. He said he'd once defended a young German girl who had been gang raped and succeeded in getting a 20-year prison sentence for one of the perpetrators. She's one of those delusional women who goes to marches carrying vulgar signs and wearing hats fashioned after vulvas because she believes that Donald Trump's electoral landslide against Hillary Clinton is somehow illegitimate. "That's a true fact", Graham conceded.

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After Kavanaugh talked about how he "busted his butt" on academics and played sports in high school, Leahy said: "We got a filibuster but not a single answer". "But when you accuse any person of the crime, the accuser needs to be tested".

Lindsey Graham: I will be in the National Basketball Association before Kavanaugh is convicted