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Tesla uses new tactics to sell Model 3s

28 September 2018

The new service, called "Tesla Direct, ' was rolled out over the weekend and will deliver Model 3 sedans directly to buyers" doorsteps, according to Electrek.

"Started building our own auto carriers this weekend to alleviate load", Musk wrote.Additionally, the company implemented a program that permits "hand delivery" of the Model 3 to the offices or homes of new owners called Tesla Direct.

If social media posts and anecdotes from participating owners are any indication, it appears that Tesla's volunteer-boosted Model 3 delivery weekend is looking to be a success. Customers in Los Angeles are receiving emails offering to deliver cars directly to their homes and offices for free. It has hit and passed that target, which is among the reasons it can not get some Model 3 vehicles to customers.

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'This Saturday and Sunday we are offering free Tesla Direct service to your home or office.

Musk alluded to the pressure the company is under in an email to employees published as a blog post on September 7, Tesla "is about to have the most incredible quarter in our history, building and delivering more than twice as many cars as we did last quarter", he wrote.

Pomp added that the delivery service is available on a "first come, first serve basis".

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Previously this month, Musk acknowledged that the company was dealing with more logistical problems now than production delays.

The email reads: 'I am helping to deliver your Tesla Model 3 in the LA Metro area. There weren't enough vehicles on site at the Fremont factory, so Tesla started giving short delivery timelines to customers who came but didn't get their auto. Last quarter, Tesla built 53,339 vehicles including 28,578 Model 3s.

On the plus side, Tesla is aiming for record production and delivery numbers. To resolve the issue, the company is building its own.

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The Model 3 is key to Tesla increasing its profitability and Tesla's share price is down almost 30 percent since early August.

Tesla uses new tactics to sell Model 3s