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Main » Apple Releases macOS Mojave Final For Everyone - Download Here

Apple Releases macOS Mojave Final For Everyone - Download Here

28 September 2018

The first thing I did after I downloaded macOS Mojave, the free new software update for Mac computers that went live on Monday, was use a new feature called Stacks. Although you can enable automatic app updates via this System Preference pane, you'll find the list of actual pending and installed app updates in the new Mac App Store.

Dark Mode transforms the desktop with a dark color scheme that highlights content and makes it easier on the eyes, especially when working in low light such as in a darkened room or on an airplane.

If you're a fan of the OmniFocus project management app, you will be glad to know that the app now features dark mode.

The latest Stacks feature is meant to de-clutter an unruly desktop by organizing disparate files into related stacks, in such categories as documents, images, and PDFs. If so, you may have built up a number of files that you'd like to save.

Another function that Stacks will help to clean up the screen, automatically combining the files into groups.

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Does my Mac support macOS Mojave?

This is accompanied by Dynamic Desktops - wallpapers that change subtly throughout the day to mimic the movement of the sun across the sky outside your office or work-space.

Dynamic Desktop delivers a handsome time-shifting desktop image with lighting that transitions based on the time of day.

Below is a look at some of the major new macOS Mojave features. Finder and Quick Look have been upgraded with support added to the sidebar for full metadata for images, multimedia, documents and files, while Quicklook now integrates editor software Markup to recognize numerous types of media. It's best to look for users who have a similar Mac to you for the most useful information.

An exciting addition to the Apple ecosystem is Continuity Camera.

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There's also a revamped Finder in macOS Mojave, which has an all-new Gallery View that lets users skim through files visually. These apps have been created to provide the users with more curated contents based on their choices.

You can fix many macOS Mojave problems on your own, without leaving home and going to an Apple Store. Using the app, one can quickly and easily record personal notes, meetings, and more. There's a new Discover tab as well, which will put the spotlight on latest apps for Mac.

It's also super easy to forward on the screenshot as a message or email, along with advanced options for hiding your mouse cursor and more.

Safari will now promise more privacy and security while browsing the web. To do so, open the Mac App Store and click the Updates tab. To do this, go to System Preferences Security and Privacy.

Your favourite topics, channels, and saved stories stay in sync between devices. Some features may not be available in all regions or languages. With macOS Mojave, that changes. For more on this check out Microsoft's press release here.

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Apple has not yet issued any comment regarding the matter. Those using abusive language or negative behavior will result in being blacklisted on Disqus.

Apple Releases macOS Mojave Final For Everyone - Download Here