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Google celebrates its 20th birthday with a video doodle on popular searches

27 September 2018

Google, which is now the world's most popular search engine, just turned 20-year-old this month and it's celebrating the day with a special doodle. This new version of search will be powered by Artificial Intelligence.

The company has not provided definite statistics on exactly how many queries it processes, but have previously stated there are "trillions" of searches made every year.

This year's doodle features letter-shaped balloons attached to a gift box.

The tech giant says Discover and a slew of other new features are aimed at making Google searches smarter and more interactive.

Google reps told me they're rolling this feature out very slowly, and that while the results are algorithmic, Google will keep an eye on them. Google says Discover won't only be for new content either. The company is marking the occasion and letting everyone know with a Google Doodle.

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Also Google will add the search to the selected videos related to the topic. You'll also love this 1 minute 37 second video of Google You can also see Google's birthday video. The company has gone from humble beginnings as a search engine to the most dominant force in advertising.

The biggest change involves Google's news feed, which is now called 'Discover.' It will appear on the Google homepage on all mobile browsers, showing content and articles based on your interests.

The same year, Google launched Gmail, providing internet users an inbox with 1GB of space, which was unheard of until then.

Google revealed that new features are a result of evolving search trends exhibited by its users. Which news would you like to continue seeing in the future and how much of it do you want to see on the daily basis; you decide.

The tech giant debuted three features created to make visual content more appealing and useful for its users: auto-generated "immersive" content, video previews and better image searching.

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What is better still is that this "Discover" category (more like a page) is going to be more than news.

With Journeys, search users will have a chance to collect their searches and results over time.

Google Lens now lets users "draw" on a searched image which can trigger a deeper search on a specific part of the image.

For another fun Easter egg, you can do a sort of scavenger hunt through the original Google garage using Google Street View. It's not just new content, you may see older content that's relevant based on recent searches or what you're reading.

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Google celebrates its 20th birthday with a video doodle on popular searches