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Hannah Gadsby’s Emmy speech a hilarious hit

21 September 2018

It was a telling moment of television for Gadsby, who after years of abuse and mental health struggles, is finally being embraced as a shining light on the world stage. "Just a joke, fellas, calm down", Gadsby fastly quips. It was a fantastic subtweeting of all the men, some of them in the room, who have felt compelled to tell her she doesn't know what jokes are without taking the time to watch any of hers.

"Am I right, fellas?"

The laughs kept coming when Gadsby then announced that the victor was The Crown director Stephen Daldry, who wasn't there to accept his award. Gadsby said. "We don't know".

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"Of course, Stephen could not be with us tonight to accept the Emmy on his own behalf... cause of... probably me. So I'll just leave now", said Gadsby before awkwardly and hilariously backing away from the stage.

Che professed to not have watched Gadsby's Nanette although he made a series of comments via Instagram stories indirectly criticising the style of comedy the stand-up show presents, as Vulture reported.

Audiences, unsurprisingly, were blown away at Gadsby's short delivery, tweeting her praises and applause from home while the award show's attendees ate her "Me, too"-adjacent jokes up. Things can get better fast", fellow comedian Jen Kirkman wrote".

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And after the event, Gadsby also palled around with history-making nominee and early-leaver Sandra Oh. "That was a really amusing minute of television", Twitter user Gannon wrote.

Her speech was so well received there were calls on social media for her to host the Emmys next year.

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Hannah Gadsby’s Emmy speech a hilarious hit