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Texas board of ed drops Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller from history classes

16 September 2018

The Texas Board of Education voted to remove historical figures including Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller from their required social studies curriculum in a bid to "streamline" content taught in history classes across the state.

Friday's vote was preliminary, and the board will be able to amend the changes before the final vote in November. So a volunteer group of teachers has been appointed by the board to grade the significance of various people.

Texas Monthly reported that board members had considered cutting a "value-laden" phrase about "all the heroic defenders who gave their lives" in the 1836 battle of the Alamo against Mexican soldiers in what was then Mexican Texas.

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Why did the board vote to toss Clinton - the first female presidential nominee of a major party, who won more votes than the Republican candidate, Donald Trump; a US senator, a USA secretary of state; and a first lady - from the curriculum?

While the board did agree "with the work group's recommendations", they remained unaware of "these specific deletions" - even after speaking with teachers. The 15-member group who developed the recommendation created a rubric that was used to identify which historical figures are "essential" for students to learn about and which ones are not. Clinton scored 5 on 20-point scale.

Removing the former first lady and secretary of state will save teachers 30 minutes of instruction time, and axing Keller will save 40 minutes, the advisory committee estimated, according to the paper.

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In 2010, controversy erupted over a bid by conservatives on the State Board of Education to label the grotesque American slave trade by the innocuous term the "Atlantic triangular trade". President Donald Trump isn't included in the list by name, but students are required to learn about the current president, governor and mayor.

District 1 board member Georgina Perez said it was a push by legislators and a process Texas education needed.

Curiously, however, this rubric gave flawless scores to local members of the Texas Legislature. TFN has identified more than a dozen other Texas academics - including the chair of the History Department at Southern Methodist University as well as faculty at the University of Texas at Austin - who applied to serve but did not get appointments to the panels. Bezos to reveal HQ2 location by year's end MORE and Helen Keller, from the state's social studies curriculum.

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Texas board of ed drops Hillary Clinton, Helen Keller from history classes