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Protesters call for greater action outside California climate change summit

16 September 2018

Nuttall, however, argues that this more than just about U.S. businesses and local and state governments stepping in and reiterating their commitment to achieving the Paris Agreement goals and climate plans and targets pledged by the Obama administration under the climate deal.

"China has taken this Global Summit very, very seriously and we hope to build on that in months and years ahead as California, the USA and China's Jiangsu Province in particular will work even more closely to combat climate change", said the governor.

Political leaders and delegates attending Gov.

Jerry Brown's Global Climate Action Summit had a hard time getting in to the conference Thursday morning.

'Brown had tough words for Trump, who yanked the U.S. out of the landmark Paris Agreement and is trying to rescind California's right to set its own vehicle emissions standard.

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The bill and a number of others were signed this week in tandem with the Global Climate Action Summit now taking place in San Francisco. "This groundbreaking initiative will help governments, businesses and landowners pinpoint - and stop - destructive emissions with unprecedented precision, on a scale that's never been done before".

Amid swirling uncertainty about the commitment of the U.S. to global climate action under the Trump administration, cities and businesses have banded together to push for support for the Paris Agreement under the banner "America's Pledge".

Recognising that climate change and issues of poverty and social inequality are inextricably linked mayors of 30 cities, representing close to 100 million citizens, have pledged to deliver inclusive climate action that benefits all citizens equitably. They also risk short-term stagnation, economic and environmental.

The law has been hailed as a landmark legislation that signifies the state's protest against Trump's regressive policies against climate action. California may ultimately launch multiple satellites into space, according to the governor's office. "The threat of climate change is as real as any we deal with".

The satellite would track and detect the sources of pollution to better understand the causes of climate change. "And therefore, we are taking action".

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"We need to see who is emitting how much greenhouse gas", Fred Krupp, president of the Environmental Defense Fund, said in an interview at the summit. "It gives us hope".

The more aggressive engagement of technology in all fronts of climate action was a major theme of the summit. In the case of the satellite project, it is part of a broader global data-sharing effort that officials hope can drive the elimination of greenhouse gases equaling that spewed by 200 million vehicles each year. Private donations are being made by San Francisco investment banker Richard Lawrence and his wife Dee Lawrence along with the Jeremy and Hannelore Grantham Environmental Trust. The state is recruiting more partners.

The three-day GCAS attracted more than 4,500 representatives from leaders of governments and businesses, regions, cities, investors and civil organizations on topics of climate change that impacts hugely on the future of both the globe and human existence.

The commitments add up to a formidable acceleration of the global clean economy, which is growing to encompass everything from the cars we drive to the food we eat to the buildings we inhabit.

Former Vice President Al Gore says a new president can, with 30 days' notice, get the United States back into the worldwide climate agreement that President Trump pulled of previous year.

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Protesters call for greater action outside California climate change summit