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Australian Prime Minister apologises for tweeting Fatman Scoop song

16 September 2018

The video, which was posted to Morrison's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts on Thursday evening, shows a bunch of Coalition MPs sticking their hands up in the air during Question Time, as the rapper shouts: "You got a hundred dollar bill, get your hands up!" Morrison praised his colleagues for being "on fire today" in the 11-second-video's caption.

Mr Morrison deleted the video a few hours after it was posted.

"But it's quite clear that that's not a song that's on my playlist and I think I might stick to my regular playlist, that they might pick songs from in the future".

What people are seriously vibing to that song in 2018 remains to be answered, but the fact Morrison has openly admitted he wants to sell his personality to the Australian public is genuinely interesting.

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The video was uploaded with the song "Be Faithful" by Fatman Scoop' which was uploaded in 2006, and played as the politicians were putting their hands in sync with the lyrics. "You got a 50 dollar bill, put your hands up!"

The tweet was shared widely online and the prime minister was slammed for his use of lyrics and suggestions the post could have been illegal.

While those lyrics may prove fairly innocuous, the rest of the song's more sexual themes raised concerns over what message the Prime Minister's office was trying to send.

The suggestive lyrics were not included in the brief video, but the full song contains expletives and strong references to casual sex.

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Rapper Fatman Scoop. He released his 1999 hit Be Faithful in collaboration with The Crooklyn Clan.

'When I found out, I asked the team to take it down.

It social media into a meltdown, with one user claiming the country was being "run by a 13-year-old".

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Australian Prime Minister apologises for tweeting Fatman Scoop song