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Main » Tesla is 'no longer investable' due to Elon Musk's antics, firm says

Tesla is 'no longer investable' due to Elon Musk's antics, firm says

15 September 2018

Facing significant pressure as Tesla ramps up production on its flagship Model 3 sedan to meet projections, Musk has been involved in a number of highly publicized incidents. This serves to reflect the value of the electric cars as well as for them implement a more efficient manufacturing process. Tesla was able to achieve this despite producing only three variants of the electric vehicle - the Long Range RWD, the Long Range AWD, and the AWD Performance version.

But he wasn't joking or trying to bloat Tesla fans' confidence in the company.

Toledano, one of the top executives at the company, reports directly to Musk. That strategy paid off as Tesla built a huge lead in the electric auto race, although that position is under assault from intense competition by rival manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and Ford.

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Tesla shares lost ground in morning trade after an analyst downgraded the company's stock and called the company "no longer investable", citing CEO Elon Musk's "erratic" behavior.

The analysts said they came away even more positive on Tesla after a visit to its Fremont, California factory. Tesla has no experience with mass production.

It's no secret that high-tech automaker Tesla has faced all sorts of challenges lately. But don't worry, if you really want them, they can be made available as a special request, just as long as you're willing to pony up a bit more than their current $1,500 price tags.

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Though the company has faced production issues, concerns about financial health, a reported investigation from the SEC, and questions about the decision-making of Musk.

The latest tweet follows a chaotic week for the carmaker after Musk was filmed smoking marijuana and wielding a sword on a live show, and a tumultuous August during which he proposed and then abruptly pulled the plug on a go-private deal for the company. She joined Tesla only 16 months ago. "We would definitely honor that obligation, and we would do so right now if it were possible", Musk said.

Contrary to an emerging Tesla bear thesis that demand for the Model 3 is declining, the analysts noted that the electric vehicle maker is now focused on selling higher-margin cars such as the Model 3 Performance and the Long Range AWD Model 3, where "demand continues to exceed what is being produced".

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Tesla is 'no longer investable' due to Elon Musk's antics, firm says