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Alan Wake is Being Adapted into a TV Series

14 September 2018

Contradiction has brought other videogame adaptations to life in the past, including projects like Mortal Kombat: Legacy and Dead Rising: Watchtower.

While Alan Wake fans should be intrigued by this project, neither Harlan nor Lake provided details relating to the television series' release date, as the show has yet to even be pitched.

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Alan Wake wanted to be a TV show nearly as much as it wanted to be a creepy, ghost-laden horror game. 'That was Sam's vision.

While players might be sad to learn that there is now no news of more Alan Wake games, they can still look forward to seeing elements of some of what was planned for the sequel in the series. It was influenced by The Twilight Zone, 'Secret Window, Hitchcock, Northern Exposure, a lot of USA television'.

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Currently, the plan is to shop the series around with Calloway's full pitch, and Harlan has said that he has found interest from some studios. Contradiction Films' Tomas Harlan says that Lake's involvement will be vital and stated, "We plan to work closely with Sam on our this show". Sam is a huge part of this. Developer Remedy Entertainment eventually created a standalone DLC for the game two years later called American Nightmare, and a sequel was in the works at some point, though it was canceled and work was moved to Quantum Break. "Not only that, but through the years, we've worked on multiple game concepts and stories for Alan Wake's world that have never seen the light of day", Lake added. "We'll be expanding the lore of this insane and dark universe and diving deeper into certain aspects of it than the game ever did".

"Alan Wake was basically a TV series that was made into a game".

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As Harlan said, the games felt nearly like shows turned into games thanks the first being structured in an episodic format despite being released as a singular game. Like Sam Lake, he also still wants an Alan Wake 2 game. "As before, we're exploring these possibilities and hoping to make it happen when the time is right".

Alan Wake is Being Adapted into a TV Series