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Academy postpones Best Popular Film Oscar category

07 September 2018

This post has been updated with more background on the Academy Awards.

Now, after oodles of outcry from industry types, critics, and film buffs, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is "postponing" the catergory's introduction.

In previous years, films which have done well at the box office with audiences - including Mamma Mia, Avatar and the Mission Impossible franchise - have been snubbed by the Academy.

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Members of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences (AMPAS) better get ready for a cavalcade of SJWs to start knocking on their door to issue coercive threats, because "Black Panther" will not be winning the not-so-coveted "Best Popular Film" Oscar this year.

'We have made changes to the Oscars over the years-including this year-and we will continue to evolve while also respecting the incredible legacy of the last 90 years'.

What happens when the governing body of a huge cinema awards organisation announces a brand new category and the reaction can be summed up as a mixture of "huh?" "The Board of Governors continues to be actively engaged in discussions, and will examine and seek additional input regarding this category", the Academy said in a statement. Still, there will be some changes implemented for the show in 2019, including a shorter, three-hour-long telecast, where six to eight categories will be presented during commercial breaks. Which awards exactly are going to be cut from the broadcast has yet to be determined, but the Academy did confirm that the cut awards will be "rotated each year".

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The Board of Governors also voted to move up the date of the 92nd Oscars telecast to Sunday, February 9, 2020, from the previously announced February 23.

"The technologies honored to not represent achievements within a specific awards year", the Academy said in a statement. And now that LAist is part of KPCC, we rely on that support.

In that sense, it's rather like the "if no one sees you win an Oscar, did a tree really fall over in the woods?" conundrum.

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Academy postpones Best Popular Film Oscar category