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Jim Mattis defends his reversal on Space Force

15 August 2018

"Next February, in the president's budget, we will call on the Congress to marshal the resources we need to stand up the Space Force, and before the end of next year, our administration will work with the congress to enact the statutory authority for the space force in the National Defense Authorization Act", he said.

In a speech at the Pentagon Thursday (Aug. 9), Vice President Mike Pence revealed a detailed plan to create the Space Force, which Trump proposed earlier this yearn.

"What was once peaceful and uncontested is now crowded and adversarial", said Pence. Previously, the USA military has relied on the Air Force to conduct any operations in space, mainly being providing surveillance for on-ground support through the use of launched satellites into Earth's orbit.

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The proposed sixth branch of the US military will "confront the emerging threats in the boundless expanse of space" according to Pence. "[O] ur assets are so critical in outer space and everything that we do is so dependent on outer space that we need a new force capable of focusing on that domain by itself", he said". Is it an initiative of a new space race?

Pence called out the military activities of Russian Federation and China in his speech at the Pentagon today. "This new command ... will establish unified command and control for our Space Force operations, ensure integration across the military, and develop the space warfighting doctrine, tactics, techniques, and procedures of the future", he said.

"I was not against setting up a Space Force".

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But Trump's tweet was relatively sparse given just how much he has been advocating for the creation of a Space Force.

However, Congress has already passed the NDAA for the fiscal year of 2019, and it was devoid of any language alluding to the creation of the Space Force. "The vision of the US President will become the reality".

Although most planners are "in favor of war-fighting capability organized along the lines of what the president laid out", as Mattis put it on Sunday, they worry about adding layers of bureaucracy and doubt the relatively small number of uniformed personnel working on space operations justifies creating an additional branch of the service.

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"Got to get it, Joe", Trump said, as the military crowd cheered the mention of Space Force. This could be a military astronaut corps, though the specific roles of these war fighters have yet to be defined.

Jim Mattis defends his reversal on Space Force