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Santi Cazorla: Villarreal give midfielder a magical welcome

12 August 2018

Fans packed out a stand in the Estadio de la Ceramica to watch magician Yunke produce Cazorla seemingly out of thin air.

Cazorla signed with Villarreal after a successful trial with the club following long-term ankle problems.

Santi Cazorla has often been described as a magician with a ball at his feet, so it was only right that an actual magician did the unveiling upon his return to Villarreal.

The capsule is then opened and Santi is out to wave at the Villarreal fans who have turned up to see him. t's utterly mental but as far as unveilings go, it's well and truly set the bar.

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The freaky presentation started off with an empty capsule on a platform inside the Estadio de la Ceramica before it began to fill up with white smoke on Thursday evening.

How the magician achieved the feat no one in the stadium could work out.

As the smoke vanishes from the chamber, Cazorla miraculously makes his way out of the chamber, which was previously visibly empty.

Cazorla joins Villarreal, the club where his professional career began, after six years in London with English Premier League club Arsenal.

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After leaving the fans spellbound with his entrance, the former Arsenal star hung around to meet with the fans and sign autographs.

"It's been a very special day, returning home", he added.

But Cazorla is now fit and ready to end his two-year absence from the game.

"It's a club that for me is an example and that always does things well despite the difficulties".

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Santi Cazorla: Villarreal give midfielder a magical welcome