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Palm-branded 3.3-inch smartphone in the works

12 August 2018

Like we previously heard, the Palm Pepito is expected to launch on Verizon when it comes to the USA, and at this time, there's still no word if it'll be available on other carriers or unlocked in any form.

Now owned by TCL, the company that releases phones under brand names like Blackberry and Alcatel, Palm's first Android phone might have made its debut appearance, thanks to the folks at Android Police.

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A 3.3-inch screen is incredibly small by today's standards and there doesn't appear to be any groundbreaking or forward-looking features.

Add that to 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, according to Android Police, and the Pepito seems rather underpowered compared to just about every other device on store shelves.

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The Palm brand name hasn't been attached to a smartphone in nearly a decade, but it looks like it's going to make a comeback, as a new Palm-branded phone has leaked.

The device is rumored to have an 800mAh battery and that it will run Android 8.1 Oreo. The phone won't have a headphone jack, and will come in a Gold colour option as well as the black we see here. The new device in question has codenamed as "Pepito", and it will be coming to Verizon.

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We'd expect it will land at the very budget end of the market assuming all this information is true, but whether there even is much of a market for a phone that small remains to be seen.

Palm-branded 3.3-inch smartphone in the works