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NCAA adopts college basketball reforms for agents, NBA draft

12 August 2018

Among the rule changes announced by the NCAA were: 1) allowing players who participate in the NBA's draft combine to return to college if they go undrafted, so long as the NBA makes the "expected rule change" of disallowing players who enter the draft from becoming eligible until the end of their next college season; and 2) granting high school basketball recruits permission to sign with agents on July 1 entering their senior years, so long as they are "identified as an elite prospect by USA Basketball".

The NBA and U.S. basketball were "blindsided" by Wednesday's NCAA's rule changes in response to an Federal Bureau of Investigation probe into recruiting-related fraud and the ensuing Commission on College Basketball's report chaired by former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

"Regardless of any change on age eligibility, we, the NBA, believe we should be more involved in the development of elite basketball players, " Behrens told

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For the record, the ability for the best high school players to declare for the NBA Draft will be a welcome development.

The Indianapolis-based governing body for college sports announced Wednesday that its Board of Governors and Division I Board of Directors had adopted a "series of significant policy and legislative changes" as part of an effort to "fundamentally" change the NCAA's structure. He said that while the changes were drastic and had the right idea, there are still a lot of issues with the idea of amateurism and how exactly the rules will be incorporated. Supposedly, USA Basketball will be charged with determining who qualifies.

Unscrupulous individuals won't halt their endeavors simply because of any reforms, but the NCAA didn't take any legitimate steps to make those pursuits more hard.

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College players also will be allowed to form relationships with NCAA-certified agents if they request an evaluation from the undergraduate advisory committee.

Agents would be allowed to cover minimal expenses such as meals and transportation associated with meetings or workouts with pro teams, but that could be complicated.

Football: NCAA to institute new redshirt guidelines, replacing antiquated, unjust rulesLast month, the NCAA Division 1 Council agreed to a proposal to revamp College Football's ill-considered redshirt policy. The NCAA noted that might first require revisions to the Uniform Athlete Agent Act — a version of which is in place in more than 40 states to regulate unethical agent conduct. That, too, would first require tweaks to National Basketball Association and players' union rules. Calipari said in an interview on ESPN. "Does he go to another school?" A pair of independent groups will be assigned to manage and solve complex cases.

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As an arrangement upon employment, school presidents and athletic staff will be required to be fully compliant with investigations. The case has entangled schools such as Kansas, North Carolina State, Maryland and Louisville, among others, though prosecutors withdrew a criminal complaint in February against one of the defendants.

NCAA adopts college basketball reforms for agents, NBA draft