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Bodies of 3 suspected terrorists found after Jordan shootout

12 August 2018

Three members of the Jordanian security forces and three suspected militants have been killed during a counterterrorism operation in the west of the country.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for Friday's bomb blast in Al-Fuhais, a mostly Christian town, and the identities of the suspects were not known.

Jordan has played a key role in an global military coalition that helped push back Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in neighbouring Syria and Iraq.

Security forces gather near a damaged building at the city of Salt, Jordan, August 12, 2018.

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Police said on Friday a gas canister stored in the van was behind the blast near a gendarmerie parking lot close to the site of a music festival in the town of Fuheis outside Amman.

Jordanian security forces collected the bodies of three suspected militants on Sunday out of a partially collapsed building in a city in central Jordan following a shoot, a goverment spokeswoman said.

Ambulances were seen rushing to the main city hospital from near the building in a residential area of Salt that was sealed off by police. The attack on Saturday killed a security man and injured six others, Saudi Press Agency said.

The clash late on Saturday was among the deadliest between suspected terrorists and Jordanian security forces in recent years.

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A joint unit of special forces, police and army troops raided a house in the town of Salt northwest of Amman in search of a suspected "terrorist cell", government spokeswoman Jumana Ghneimat said.

The minister added that a special team demolished the remaining parts of the building "because it is too risky to be around it".

Jordan's Prime Minister Omar Razzaz set up a "crisis cell" bringing in top security and government officials to coordinate the large security operation deploying hundreds of forces.

Jordan said in January that it had foiled an Islamic State plot that included plans for a series of attacks last November on security installations, shopping malls and moderate religious figures.

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Security forces have been extra vigilant with warnings that sympathisers of Islamic State could launch revenge attacks after the militants were driven out of most of the territory they once controlled in Syria and Iraq.

Bodies of 3 suspected terrorists found after Jordan shootout