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DOOM Eternal Will Raise Hell On Nintendo Switch

11 August 2018

Doom Eternal is just as brutal and gory as the first game, but there are some noticeable improvements.

Once again, DOOM Eternal puts players in control of the DOOM Slayer, a gun-toting, demon-murdering antihero hellbent on revenge (no pun intended). You can even team up and form a slayer hunting party. Id Software will share more details about that mode at a later date.

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As expected, DOOM Eternal runs at 60 fps and is looking better than ever, with graphical fidelity that exceeds anything the franchise has done before. The gameplay demonstration was constantly queueing up and chewing through new demon types that required their own combat approaches - some returning from the original Doom 2, like the Pain Elemental, others unseen and heretofore unslaughtered.

Doom Eternal takes place partially on Earth, where a full-on demonic invasion is underway (and apparently got help from the inside, considering holographic messages telling people to make the demonic transition as smoothly as possible for the demons and also to call them "mortally challenged", because demon is a slur).

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Hugo Martin, the game's creative director, promised double the enemies in the game as there were in the 2016 predecessor.

Bethesda has announced it will reveal the first gameplay for Doom Eternal, the sequel to the Doom reboot released in May 2016.

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One interesting thing about DOOM Eternal is that it will allow players to take over demons and "invade" another player's game. What we do know is that one, it'll be out for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch; and two, there will most definitely blood.

DOOM Eternal Will Raise Hell On Nintendo Switch