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Sacha Baron Cohen's interview with Sheriff Joe Arpaio is absolutely nuts

10 August 2018

Baron Cohen, posing as the YouTuber, asked Arpaio if he would receive a blowjob from President Trump, to which the sheriff replied: "I may have to say yes". Another sees him asking if Donald Trump would give him "a golden shower", in reference to the alleged tape of the US President with two prostitutes in a Russian hotel room.

Cohen has successfully tricked a number of government officials, mostly Republicans, as well as other politically-minded Americans for his new undercover series.

Former Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio has been an outspoken and controversial supporter of gun rights, but it's probably safe to say his gun control debate with a Shopkins character known as D'lish Donut marked a first.

On his latest show, Who Is America, which has targeted prominent Republicans for humiliation, Sacha Baron Cohen has done it again.

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Cohen, as OMGWhizzBoy, unwrapped a miniature Shopkins box as he asked Arpaio to explain "what communists are trying to do to stop people having guns".

Cohen's show has been making headlines all over the country in recent weeks because of Cohen's interaction with political figures, like the Georgia house representative who used a racial slur and showed his butt on the show.

"D'Lish Donut, you have to understand that you have to follow the Constitution and the law and allow people to have guns", Arpaio said. Arpaio looked at his host in disbelief: "You have over 43 guns???"

"But I want the guns to be taken back because they are risky", the Shopkins responded.

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"I don't know what he is saying about America".

"I started to get a little angry, a little sad, but I went through it", he said.

Breitbart News reported in July the episode was filmed last fall and that Arpaio said he thought he'd been very careful in his answers. He was later pardoned by his good buddy Donald Trump and is now seeking attempting to run for Senate.

The former lawman announced in January that he meant to run for US Senate - though he might find his credibility rattled once again after being embarrassed by Baron Cohen.

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Sacha Baron Cohen's interview with Sheriff Joe Arpaio is absolutely nuts