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New York Times debuts on ‘Magic Leap One Creator Edition’

10 August 2018

The headset is available via the official Magic Leap website, but you must be available in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco (Bay Area), Seattle, and Chicago if you want to order one, because it's only sold via this special service called LiftOff. The company has raised more than $2.3 billion since being founded in 2011 and after its last round received a valuation of more than $6 billion.

Magic Leap, a secretive startup that has been working on a wearable computing device for augmented reality (AR) experiences, has finally unveiled its first product-the Magic Leap One Creator Edition.

While we know some things about the Magic Leap and the tech behind it, we still don't know the date it will go out to a broader public, how much it will cost or the full details of the specifications. Rather, the Creator's Edition is primarily aimed at developers with an eye-watering price-tag of $2,295, although just $700 less than the development version of Microsoft's Hololens headset.

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The company also netted telecom giant AT&T July as an investor and exclusive retail partner for the consumer launch of its AR products.

Magic Leap powers mixed reality experiences that seamlessly blend the digital and physical world. These include Tonandi, developed with the band Sigur Ros to experience their music in a new interactive, audio-visual experience, and Create, a mixed reality experience for users to develop their own adventures at home, developed by Magic Leap Studios.

For gamers, Dr. Grordbort's Invaders is coming soon to the Magic One.

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Available for $2295 United States dollars, the Magic Leap One is now finally available for developer's to get their hands on to, at least for certain U.S. markets. It is a hyperrealistic action game where the player is pitted against evil robots intent on invading the living room.

Powered by a Nvidia Tegra X2 processor, which sits around the wearer's waist in a "Lightpack", the Magic Leap One allows users to control and manipulate computer generated objects that can be seen only when the headset is worn, says Trusted Reviews. There, developers can access software development kits for Unity and Unreal Engine 4 support, find code resources, tutorials and forums for connecting with other creators.

But the system won't be limited to handpicked developers. There isn't a cellular connection available on Magic Leap One.

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New York Times debuts on ‘Magic Leap One Creator Edition’