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Musk-Funded OpenAI Creates Bots That Defeat DOTA 2 Pros

10 August 2018

These are all people who now or previously play Dota 2 professionally - they're in the 99.95th percentile of human players.

After demonstrating its prowess in Dota 2 1v1 games, the newly enhanced "OpenAI Five" has shown that it can thrash even the best human teams.

The human vs machine challenge began with a warmup match against the audience, which OpenAI won easily. After completing the first draft, the OpenAI system predicted a 95%-win probability, even though the matchup seemed more or less even to the audience, suggesting that drafting is even more important to strategy than previously thought by human players.

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The bot team, called OpenAI Five, has certainly had enough practice to hold its own: it has been playing 180 years' worth of games against itself every day, picking up the intricacies of the MOBA along the way. The AI bot has once again smashed the semi-professional Dota 2 players which are ranked in the 99.95 percentile in the world.

Now, the next step is to beat professional and best in the league Dota 2 players at the Valve's The International 8, which is scheduled for later this month.

The Verge goes on to report that one of the things that was particularly impressive in the match-up from the AI perspective is its "inhuman" lack of indecision.

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Open AI, an artificial intelligence research firm funded by Elon Musk, raised many impressed eyebrows this week when a team of AI bots created by them defeated human players in the popular online multiplayer video game Dota 2. Through such reinforcement learning, the clutch of networks cooperate with each other, build "team spirit' and take down its in-game opponents".

The human team who took on the bots on Sunday were also granted new insight into their game. There, OpenAI bots will face the winning team, for its biggest challenge yet. Apparently, the five-on-five bot team has been in development all year, but this was the first true competition against real professionals.

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Musk-Funded OpenAI Creates Bots That Defeat DOTA 2 Pros