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God Of War’s Massive New Game Plus Mode Is Coming This Month

10 August 2018

Today, Sony Santa Monica revealed when New Game Plus will arrive, and it's going to be here in just a couple of weeks. Most previous God of War games had some form of New Game+, but the new PS4 game has lacked the feature. You'll also be able to skip through cinematic scenes in both normal and New Game Plus games once the patch has gone live, as long as you've finished the story once. After that, the feature will be available once players have then patched the game with the New Game Plus update as well.

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The New Game+ mode was originally announced during Sony's E3 presentation, a side note among the larger showcases for games like Spider-Man and The Last of Us Part II. New Game+ unlocks after you finish the regular game once, as you might expect. That means you keep your "armours, enchantments, talismans, resources and abilities".

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Unique to New Game+ is a brand new rarity level of equipment to craft and upgrade!

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Four months after launch, God of War will add a New Game+ option "inspired by [fan] feedback first and foremost". In order to play through the mode, you'll need to have completed the game on any difficulty - which is a requirement that should seem obvious. "With New Game+ comes along a host of new gear, more hard enemies, and cinematic skipping". New Game+ will also sport new armor sets and enchantments. Speaking of armors, you can collect a new type of resource called "Skap Slag" to give your gear the highest upgrade possible.

God Of War’s Massive New Game Plus Mode Is Coming This Month