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Official death toll still 131 in Indonesia quake

09 August 2018

"There has been no help at all here", said 36-year-old Multazam, staying with hundreds of others under tarpaulins on a dry paddy field outside West Pemenang village.

He said victims can be counted several times because of the common practice of people in Indonesia using several names and noted that families of victims are entitled to financial compensation from the government when a death is confirmed.

Emergency workers are continuing to dig through rubble and are gradually starting to reach more remote areas of the large island.

But disaster agency spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said in a statement the information from those sources was incomplete and hadn't been cross-checked for duplication.

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Most people live in basic housing in small communities.

A humanitarian crisis looms in Lombok, which was rocked by another deadly quake last month that killed 17 people, with thousands of victims of Sunday's disaster in desperate need of clean water, food, medicine and shelter, aid agencies say.

Indonesian disaster relief authorities are trying to find food, potable water, and medical care for the 1,477 people severely injured and the 156,000 forced to evacuate their homes due to the disaster.

Buildings still standing on the island have been weakened after Sunday's quake.

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The quake struck as evening prayers were being said across the Muslim-majority island and there are fears that one collapsed mosque in north Lombok had been filled with worshippers.

With hospitals and clinics also affected, numerous injured have had to be treated in the open air or in makeshift clinics.

Meanwhile, the evacuation of tourists from the Gili Islands - three tiny, coral-fringed tropical islands off the northwest coast of Lombok - has finished, officials said.

"We've had light earthquakes in the past, but never anything like this", hotel chain owner Marcel De Rijk told Reuters. "I don't think people will choose Lombok anymore this summer".

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Indonesia, which sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire, is regularly hit by earthquakes.

Official death toll still 131 in Indonesia quake