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Honda ends Civic Type R challenge with five records

09 August 2018

Button knows the Hungaroring track quite well, given it's the same circuit he at which won his first Grand Prix race with Honda in 2006.

The Honda Civic Type R has set a new record of 2 minutes, 10.19 seconds at the Hungaroring GP circuit in Hungary for a front-wheel-drive production auto.

Previously, in a similar challenge back in 2016, Honda set a benchmark time for the Hungaroring GP circuit using the last-generation Civic Type R not available to us in the States.

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The Hungaroring circuit is a twisty 4.38km track with 180 degrees corners and a complex chicane, making it one of the more technical tracks in Europe. The British driver lapped the 2.7-mile Hungaroring, near the Hungarian capital of Budapest, in 2:10.19 minutes - a new record for a front-wheel-drive production auto.

British Touring Car legend Matt Neal set a lap record of 2m31.32s at Silverstone in England. The manual gearbox works really well, too. Japanese Super GT driver Bertrand Baguette set a lap record at Belgian Spa Francorchamps circuit that he completed in 2 minutes 53.42 seconds. Most cars these days don't come with manual boxes, so it's nice to have that manual feel.

Honda also released an onboard video of the full lap to prove its validity and give us a glimpse of how the Civic Type R handles with an ex F1 world champion behind the wheel.

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Honda has set another European lap record with the help of Civic Type R. To achieve this marvellous feat, Honda took the help of former Formula 1 driver and world champion Jenson Button.

The latest gen Civic Type R is the sportiest avatar of the Civic and is only sold in hatchback form globally.

He added, "The thing that surprised me most is how late you can brake with this vehicle".

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But the Hungaroring is that more special when paired with Jenson Button.

Honda ends Civic Type R challenge with five records