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Main » Dubai tourist runs up $65,000 in speeding fines driving supercar

Dubai tourist runs up $65,000 in speeding fines driving supercar

09 August 2018

"We shouldn't do so for sure, it's his fault and he should pay that amount", they added.

Driving up to speeds of 230km per hour, the foolhardy motorist amassed the fines of over AED170,000 in an AED1.3 million Lamborghini Huracan in under FOUR hours.and now the plot thickens.

Early morning on July 31, he was caught speeding in the auto by all the radars on Sheikh Zayed Road from 2.30am-6am.

In total, the driver's speeding antics have accumulated fines of Dh70,000, or just under £15,000.

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A British tourist in Dubai racked up Dhs170,000 in traffic fines in three hours while driving at twice the speed limit in a Lamborghini Huracan on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Mohammad Ebrahim, the owner of the dealership, stated the tourist rented the Lamborghini for DH6,000 ($1,633) per day for three days. The problem now is who should pay for the fine.

Dubai Police records revealed he sped between 126km/h and 230km/h, constantly setting off radars as he drove.

"Also, the tourist could travel back to his home country before the case is resolved".

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Mohammed Ibrahim, the owner of the vehicle rental company from which the Lamborghini was rented, said there are no clear procedures in place to protect a business owner in such extreme circumstances.

The British national handed over $2200 to the dealership, as well as his passport as a deposit for the supercar rental, so it could be virtually impossible for him to leave the UAE without payment.

"It's still with the tourist, parked at his hotel".

Speaking to BBC, Faris Mohammed Iqbal, a partner at the dealership has said that though the vehicle is still parked at the tourist's hotel, they won't be able to retrieve it once it is officially impounded due to the high fines. As the National notes, the traffic fines acquired by expatriates are linked with departure counters at airports across the country to stop them from leaving. "Who pays the money for the impound?"

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"It's been here for nearly a week and people have been asking about it", a valet at the luxury Five hotel on Dubai's Palm Jumeirah island said on Tuesday.

Dubai tourist runs up $65,000 in speeding fines driving supercar