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Breast-Feeding Tips For New Moms..

09 August 2018

It is recommended that babies are fed breast milk for the first six months of life, because studies find that babies do better physically.

Reports have however showed that Exclusive Breastfeeding for children under the age of six months in Kenya is at 61.4 per cent, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators.

A statewide initiative that includes the Livingston County Health Department will focus on encouraging breastfeeding this month.

She explained further that breastfeeding was good bonding between mother and infant, adding that improved breastfeeding practices around the world, could save the lives of almost one million children under five years, according to worldwide health bodies.

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He stated that the first one thousand days of life- "period of pregnancy and next two years of life", were important for the formation and future trajectory in the growth and development of the child. No one is sure of the amount of milk that the baby will receive in the first feed.

Breast milk is rich in prebiotic human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) which are structurally complicated sugar molecules unique to human breast milk and helps in the development of the infant gut microbiota that ensures immunity against allergic diseases.

Messages around new mothers struggling with low milk supply, and toddlers needing "toddler milk" to supplement their diets are both unhelpful and untrue. Early initiation of breastfeeding can prevent deaths caused due to diarrhoea and pneumonia. Exclusive breastfeeding also reduces infant mortality and helps for a quicker recovery during illness. He based his summation of the FOAD Hypothesis (Fatal origin of adult disease) which is premised on the fact that environmental factors particularly nutrition, act in early life to program risks for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases in adult life.

Breastfeeding also has a positive effect on the mother. As to the benefits of breast milk to the infant and to the benefits of breast feeding on her own body; on her. Of course thats a reality and at the same time it's a challenge and that is where during this month also the Ministry of Health will be visiting work places promoting the strategy for them to enhance breast feeding in the work place.

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According to the World Health Organisation, mothers are supposed to exclusively breastfeed their children for six months before enrolling them on other foods. But while undergoing treatment, a woman on radiation therapy should avoid breast feeding for that period.

Globally about 40 per cent of babies are not on exclusive breastfeeding. Mothers should feed the baby immediately after birth in one hour time and should frequently breastfeed after that, irrespective of whether the milk is produced or not.

This release was published on openPR.

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Breast-Feeding Tips For New Moms..