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Ben Stokes trial shown CCTV footage of 'melee outside nightclub'

09 August 2018

Ben Stokes made "stupid noises" and "camp gestures" to mimic two gay men outside a nightclub, a doorman said on Tuesday at the England cricketer's trial for alleged affray.

The jury was also shown CCTV footage that, it was alleged by the prosecution, shows Hale running back towards the main group with a length of metal.

England cricketer Ben Stokes has been identified by a trial witness as the "main aggressor" in the street brawl that led him to court where he is now defending a charge of affray.

Stokes is standing trial at Bristol Crown Court accused of knocking out two other men outside a nightclub in the southwest English city in September a year ago.

They are jointly charged in connection with an incident in the Clifton Triangle area of Bristol on September 25 previous year - several hours after England had played a one-day global against the West Indies in the city.

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"In response one of the guys said 'Shut the f*** up and f**** off or I'll bottle you.' At the time he was holding a bottle in his right hand". All three men are standing trial and deny affray.

PC Stacey Alway told the court that as she walked over to Mr. Stokes, she said: "A guy over there was covered in blood and I've been told you punched him". I took exception and said "leave it out".

Mr Spure described seeing Stokes punch Ali, who was trying to get away, with a "clenched fist" in the road.

"I was anxious it might be two on to one and I knew one had had a bottle just before this", he said.

"I felt the need to defend myself". Hale, after seeing them verbally abuse two gay men, Kai Barry and William O'Connor. I felt I was going to be attacked.

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"They had shown a willingness to use weapons in attacking people and were willing to gang up such that at points, the pair of them were attacking me on my own".

Mr O'Connor and Mr Barry walked off with two club-goers, Ryan Ali and Ryan Hale.

He also denied flicking his lit cigarette end in the suggested manner at a gay man's head outside the club. He was taken to Bristol Royal Infirmary by ambulance and diagnosed as having suffered a fracture to the medial orbital wall on the left side of his face.

Trial judge Judge Peter Blair QC earlier asked 16 potential jurors whether they were "extremely committed" cricket fans following either the England or India teams.

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Ben Stokes trial shown CCTV footage of 'melee outside nightclub'