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Smash Bros. Ultimate Limited Edition for Nintendo Switch Announced

08 August 2018

The new Dracula's Castle stage is pretty awesome, too, with tons of bosses from throughout the series along with a whopping 34 arranged music tracks. The stage is going completely over-the-top with 34 music tracks, from across the Castlevania series.

Simon will also have an echo fighter - one who's essentially the same with a different appearance and animations - Richter Belmont, who appeared in Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night. Richter is an Echo Fighter, meaning he's basically just a new skin for Simon, but it's still nice to see an underappreciated Belmont clan member represented.

Assist Trophies: Some of the new Assist Trophies that are joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but don't worry if that's too much righteousness for you - King K. Rool from the Donkey Kong Country series is on his way, too. He'll utilize a blunderbuss to fire cannonballs at unsuspecting enemies, and throw his crown as a projectile.

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Plus, two new echo fighters (which are kind of like alternate skins for existing characters) are coming to Smash Ultimate: Dark Samus from Metroid and Chrom from Fire Emblem. Sakurai also revealed that Ultimate will have a total of 103 stages (compared with the previous game's 56), all available from the beginning. The classic Pokemon Stadium, Unova Pokemon League, Garden of Hope, Brinstar Depths, Summit, Magicant, Gamer, and Final Destination stages were all confirmed to be returning. As a result of this, and the fact we didn't get a post trailer run down from Sakurai, we now don't know much about how the character will fight. Here's a look at the full stage select screen...

Technically, Richter Belmont is an Echo Fighter of Simon Belmont - a new classification introduced in Super Smash Bros.

As most Castlevania fans will know, "Bloody Tears" and "Monster Dance" are tracks lifted from the iconic Konami series. Tunes are tied to franchises, so, for instance, you can now listen to any The Legend of Zelda track you want when playing on a Zelda-themed stage.

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Tourneys: A variant of an offline tournament mode is a Smash Bros. staple.

Nintendo closed out the presentation with a quick look at the menu, showcasing a mysterious mode which will be revealed later and a new side dashboard which contains additional options and information.

Squad Strike is an elimination style battle with two options: 3v3 or 5v5. The first the eliminate the opposing team, wins. Dubbed the Smash Bros. Ultimate includes an exclusive stage that features a grid, used to help measure the distance and trajectory of special moves and fighter knockback. Up to 32 people can participate in this mode.

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Smash Bros. Ultimate Limited Edition for Nintendo Switch Announced